How to set-up Auto-ISO in Manual Mode with Exposure Compensation on the Leica Q

Instructions on how to set-up a Leica Q for the AIMMEC technique (Auto-ISO in Manual Mode with Exposure Compensation), if, for example, you want to use this technique for street photography.

Note – this applies to firmware version 2.0 or lower – for firmware version 3.0 see

1. Set Manual Mode

  • MENU -> Scene Mode -> PASM.
  • Use shutter dial to select shutter speed (i.e. not “A”).
  • Use aperture dial to select aperture (i.e. not “A”).

2. Set Auto-ISO

  • ISO button, set to AUTO.
  • [optional] Set maximum exposure time and maximum ISO:
    • MENU -> Auto ISO Settings -> Max. exposure time
    • MENU -> Auto ISO Settings -> Maximum ISO

3. Set “Fn” Button for Exposure Compensation

  • MENU -> FN button in Live View -> Exp. Comp./Flash Exp. Comp./Exp. Brack.


  • Choose required shutter and aperture for subject
  • To adjust exposure:
    • Press “FN” once to enter EC mode
    • Rear dial to adjust EC

Note 1: EC will adjust ISO.

Note 2: Beyond the minimum ISO (100) and maximum ISO (50,000, or that chosen in Auto-ISO settings), EC will have no effect. In this situation shutter and/or aperture will have to be adjusted.


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