How to update Google license details on images already on your WordPress site

As detailed in the post How to License Images in Google, in June 2020 Google added the facility to mark images as being licensable so they can show up in Google Image Search with a licensable badge, and that post shows how to add the required IPTC tags in Lightroom to enable this.

But what if you have a large number of images already on your WordPress site, and don’t want to delete and re-upload them?

While looking for a solution to this issue, I came across the plugin Media Library Organizer and while it could update a lot of tags, the Copyright URL and Licensor URL required for the Google license weren’t among them. So I contacted the developers and asked if they could add that in order to help people set their image license status.

I didn’t really expect them to do it, but a couple of months later and they did! On 8th Oct 2020 they added this page to their documentation: Google Image Licensing Badge – many thanks to Media Library Organizer for adding this useful facility.

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