Classic 4 Light High Key Set-Up

Backdrop - one stop brighter than key light. Typically f11 vs f8. Need 4 lights and a lot of space. Typically the background lights would be approx 2m from backdrop, and subject needs to be further still. Could use reflector instead of fill light, or could use one light, maybe a beauty dish or a … Continue reading Classic 4 Light High Key Set-Up

Modern Exposure Technique: “AIMMEC”

AIMMEC is a name I made up to call a (somewhat controversial) technique that is becoming increasingly popular amongst photographers, especially street photographers and those shooting in changing conditions that need to work fast. And as sensors improve, offering better results at higher ISOs, this technique is becoming even more relevant and useful.

Catwalk Photographer Workflow (Lr) for London Fashion Week

Lightroom workflow for fashion events Catwalk photographer workflow is the process a catwalk photographer follows in order to produce catwalk show images in a timely and efficient manner. This may be necessary to be able to meet publication deadlines. This post is an in depth look at the Lightroom workflow I use for events such … Continue reading Catwalk Photographer Workflow (Lr) for London Fashion Week